News and Press Releases

News & Press Releases

In-Home Caregiving Might be the Most Meaningful Gift a Father Could Receive This Month

In honor of Father’s Day, Wesley Homes is sharing advice and information for the adult children of elderly parents. It can be difficult for many people to separate their role as caregiver from the role of child or family member, but getting help from an outside source can do wonders for the wellbeing of all parties i...Read More »
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Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight

Experts Agree: Promptness Critical for Lead Management

Written by Alyssa Gerace of Senior Housing News for ALFA Update Senior living lead management may sound as simple as A-B-C—or, to be exact, “Always Be Closing,” the mantra of the quintessential salesman Blake, as played by Alec Baldwin in David Mamet’s screenplay Glengarry Glen Ross. B...Read More »
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Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Are you a good listener?

We are born with two ears and one mouth. There may be a sound reason for that. It is hardly a conversation when you are talking to someone and they don’t let you get a word in edge-wise. Listening is about showing the other person or persons respect. You value their opinion enough to listen to ...Read More »
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The National Senior Living Partners Network (NSLPN) is dedicated to providing Senior Living Professionals, Clients and Individuals a premiere online national resource for Senior Care Education, Career Development, News and Jobs. The community specializes in the following fields of practice: Senior Living, Home Health Care, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Rehab Groups (Skilled Nursing Facilities), Hospice and Private Home Care.

Through the Career Center, you will find all the latest jobs and career opportunities in Senior Living. And with our Industry Spotlight articles, Daily Dose Blogs, Market Watch, and our News and Resources you will find numerous articles and information to keep you well-read and up-to-date.

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